Public Education Events

Department staff regularly attend public events and fairs to provide water conservation education. Attendees often stop by to view our working hydrologic cycle, while  grabbing some informational material and water efficient items to be used in their homes. The department also regularly hosts events in the various districts to discuss the current water issues with residents and provide periodic workshops on relevant topics.

If you would like to request the Water and Sanitation Division to participate in your event, please email Customer Service or call us at (760) 955-9885.  

Classrom Education: Coming Soon!

The Water and Sanitation Division, in partnership with Mojave Water Agency, will be offering water conservation education to classrooms across our County Service Areas. District educators will lead the class through interactive activities that test student’s comprehension of the material, while providing teachers with content to re-enforce learning objectives. The curriculum will focus on addressing the California Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards. Outreach will begin in August of 2016, and educators are welcome to request a visit to their classrooms. For more information or to schedule a visit, please email Customer Service or call us at (760) 955-9885.