We have been successful over the years in preserving a lot of the native species and habitat at the North Etiwanda Preserve through the efforts of our staff and volunteers.  We greatly appreciate the numerous volunteer groups and individuals we have had working to reduce crime occurrence and promote the overall wellbeing of this property. 

If you would like to become a steward to the North Etiwanda Preserve please fill out our  Volunteer Interest Form so that we may contact you about how you can make an impact.

Exceptional Volunteer:
Ron Goodman

Ron is one of the most dedicated volunteers we have, attributing more hours individually than most other volunteers do collectively. He routinely assists in Nature Education field trips, biological monitoring programs, trash and graffiti removal, interpretive hikes, and so much more. Many of our regular visitors consider Ron to be the true ambassador of the Preserve and appreciate his positive attitude, friendly conversation, and knowledge of the area. Be sure to say hello to him on your visit!