County Service Area

Special Districts Division provides water and/or sewer services for new property owners in the following County Service Areas (CSAs):

Water OnlySewer OnlyWater and Sewer
Cedar GlenBloomingtonOro Grande
Hacienda HeightsFawnskinHigh Country (Tract of Oak Hills)
Morongo ValleyGlen HelenSpring Valley Lake
Oak HillsLytle Creek
PioneertownSearles Valley/Trona

If you are an Owner

For a property owner to establish a water and/or sewer account, the following items are required:

  • Completed and signed new owner Application for Service,
  • Copy of driver’s license(s)/identification card(s),
  • Proof of legal ownership (Grant Deed or Final Close of Escrow), and
  • Proof of Authority to act on behalf of entity (Family Trust with Trustee Listed or Articles of Incorporation LLC).

A property owner can request a stop service in the event of a sale, legal transfer, or foreclosure.  A stop service will only cease the water consumption charges for the property. A stop service will not cease the water meter facility charges or the sewer charges.  The property owner is responsible for any sewer, meter facility, and water consumption charges until the property transfers ownership.   

If you are a Tenant

The property owner may request tenants be added to the account and receive their own bills. As a courtesy, the property bill can be put into the tenant’s name once all of the following documentation is provided by mail, email, fax, or in-person:

* Completed and signed Owner Agreement

* Completed and signed Tenant Agreement

* Copy of driver’s license(s)/identification card(s) for both the owner(s) and tenant(s).

Please note the Agreements do not relieve the owner of charges if the tenant does not pay the bill.

Upon a 24-hour notification that the tenant is vacating the premise, a service order will be issued to obtain a meter read for the closing bill. The tenant’s account will be closed and automatically reopened in the owner’s name.

Clean and Show (For Real Estate Agents)

For a fee, the Division will schedule temporary, 48-hour water service at a property for cleaning and/or inspection.  This request is discretionary and not guaranteed.  A request for Temporary Turn On/Off of Water needs to be filled out and submitted to the Division along with a copy of the agreement between the lending institution and the real estate agent.