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Billing Cycle

Your bill is based on a sixty-day cycle.  The charges are due upon receipt and become delinquent and subject to penalty if not paid within 30 days of the billing date.

Please note, the Division is not responsible for lost or delayed mail.  All envelopes returned without payment enclosed, including unsigned checks or partially completed checks, will be considered as nonpayment.

Returned Payments

All payments that are returned from the bank unpaid are subject to a “Non-Sufficient Funds” charge.  This charge, plus the original amount of the check, must be paid in cash.

The Division will make every attempt to contact you regarding a returned payment, but it is ultimately your bank’s responsibility to notify you. 

Payment Extensions

If you are unable to pay your bill by the disconnect date, a payment extension may be requested from a customer service representative.  This will allow for up to one-week of additional time to pay the balance without a water meter disconnection.  The Division allows two payment extensions per year.  A request for an extension does not automatically guarantee that an extension will be granted.

Once a payment extension is granted, the money is due in the Division office by the date and time agreed upon.  Failure to pay the balance by the due date may result in a disconnection of service and/or additional charges. 

Reconnect, Late Penalty, and Disconnect Policy

If the outstanding amount shown on the bill isn’t paid by the due date, a delinquent bill will be mailed.  Delinquent bills include a 10% penalty on the current balance, a 5% penalty for any previous balance, and a notification regarding the service disconnection date.  If charges remain unpaid by the due date on the delinquent billing notice, the service will be disconnected.  In order for the service to be reconnected, the outstanding balance, plus a disconnect/reconnect fee of $60.00 needs to be paid in full.

Low Income/ Utility Assistance

At this time, the Division does not offer any low income or reduced rates on utility service. In an effort to support the communities that the Division serves, a list of Rent and Utility Assistance Providers is available.