About the Desert View Conservation Area

The Desert View Conservation Area(DVCA), also known as Section 6, is comprised of 605 acres of undeveloped land. Limited to day use only, this area is popular for hiking and horseback riding on designated trails. Larger Equestrian groups should seek permits from the District. The stunning, natural scenery and viewscapes found here offer many opportunities for exploration with a camera throughout the year.

The DVCA is home to a variety of unique wildlife, such as: desert tortoises, big horn sheep, coyotes, cougars, bob cats, as well as various fowl, rodents, and reptiles. On June 14, 1962, County Service Area 20 – Joshua Tree acquired the property from the Bureau of Land Management by way of a government land patent act commonly known as the “Recreation and Public Purposes Act” The property was bought into the District as an eventual park site that would offer a variety of recreation opportunities. Over the five decades that have passed since the acquisition of the property, community support has grown for protection of the area’s natural resources, in lieu of the site’s development into a more active recreation area. In order to preserve the fragile desert tortoise habitat, the area is restricted to day use only. Overnight camping, fires and trail-blazing is not permitted.

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