The Development Services Unit is available for assistance with your residential, commercial, or subdivision project including Water and/or Sanitation Availability Letters, Feasibility Studies, Annexations, Water Main Extensions, Fire Flow, Water and Sanitation Standards, Water Plan Checks, Sewer Plan Checks, Sewer Inspections and Construction Meters.

*Please be advised that all submittals, plans, and payments will be accepted up until 3:30 p.m. daily.

Any questions / inquires can be sent to the following email address.

Requirements for these processes are listed below: 

Water and/or Sanitation Availability Letter/ Parcel Inquiry Request

•    Availability Form

•    Plot Plan (8 1/2 x 11)

•    Floor Plan for Fixture Count (Sewer Connections)

Fire Flow Test

•    Fire Flow Application

Feasibility Study

•    Feasibility Study Request Form

•    Tract or Parcel Map

•    Site Plan

•    Plumbing Fixture Count

•    Landscape/ Irrigation System

Construction Meter

•   Request for Temporary Water Service        

•   Permit for Work Being Completed

Cross Connection Control Program

•   Cross Connection Program Letter and Survey

CAD Titleblocks

Backflow Devices

For the latest list of Certified Backflow Testers please go to this page and find Commercial Backflow Testers under Cross Contamination and Backflow Prevention.


The Annexation request and payment for process would come through the Division office and be approved through LAFCO and our Engineering Unit.  The parcel needs to be contiguous to our District boundary line.

 Other agencies you may need to contact:

San Bernardino County Building & Safety Division

San Bernardino County Fire Department