CSA 70 R-15 was established by an act of the County of San Bernardino Board of Supervisors on July 9, 1984 to maintain 163.54 miles of unpaved roads in the community of Landers.  This road zone receives an annual $20 per parcel service charge on 3,497 parcels to fund road grading and road maintenance services with a total annual revenue of $70,000 after delinquencies.

The road maintenance from 1984 to 1990 was performed by an on call grading contractor.  In February of 1991, the District purchased a motor grader and hired a full time employee to maintain the roads.   From 1991 to 1999, the primary roads were graded one time per month. 

In November of 1999, a survey was mailed to property owners and registered voters to determine if they were willing to increase their annual charge for increased road maintenance or continue to pay $20 and experience a decrease in services.  The results of the survey did not support the service charge increase; therefore, the road grading services were reduced to 4 days per week instead of 5.

In March 2004, another proposal was presented to the community to obtain a grant to place a soil stabilization product on primary roads which had been damaged by the flash flooding the summer of 2003. The proposal included paying a one time charge of $250 for the road improvement and increasing the annual charge to $60 for the maintenance the roads.  The results of the survey did not support the service charge increase.

Costs have continued to increase, but the revenue of the district has remained the same since 1984. Therefore, in October of 2010, road maintenance decreased to 20 hours per week, utilizing a part time equipment operator to operate the grader.

In March of 2013, while performing road maintenance, the left front tire of the motor grader fell off.  The grader was 23 years old with 19,000 hours on it. Typically a motor grader is ready for replacement when it reaches 7 years old or around 8,000 – 10,000 hours of operation.  Since a major component failure could occur at anytime on the grader, it was decided to make any necessary repairs and send it to auction. The price received for the grader at auction was $21,967 which went back into the operating account for CSA 70, R-15 Landers Road District.

In April of 2013, an on call grading contractor was hired to perform road grading 40 hours per month.  The primary roads are graded once every six weeks  depending on condition, use or weather. Secondary roads are graded every twelve weeks.  The remaining roads are repaired on an emergency or by request basis and will be graded when the operator is in the area.