On July 11, 2019, County Service Area 29 completed a channel repack project. This mandate was carried out by the District as a measure of compliance, requiring all channels to be moved to channels assigned between 2-36  by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Click repack for more details from the FCC.

Previously available channels can be found in the new channels 25, 27, and 29.  These new digital channels are known to produce a better picture and sound quality, while allowing the delivery of multiple program streams within the main channel. A station programming guide can be found here.

In order to receive the new channel signals, District residents must have an aerial antenna and either a converter box or digital-ready television. Residents will need to complete a channel scan to locate the current channels.  

For more information, please consult the District directly.

Questions about how to scan for channels or to report problems:

(760) 248-7048

All other questions:

Glenn Jacklin (Division Manager)

(909) 386-8800