Plant Form: Perennial

Water Use: Low, Moderate

Mature Size: 1 – 2 ft. tall x 2 – 3 ft. wide

Exposure: Full sun

Bloom Time: Spring (March – May), Summer (June – August)

Hardiness: Cold Hardy to -10°F

Native to: North America

Sunray Coreopsis is an outstanding variety of North American native prairie plant that blooms all summer with large, golden-yellow flowers held on long stems above its dark green foliage. Tolerant of almost any soil as long as it is well drained, this mounding perennial thrives with heat and sun, and is drought resistant. Although fairly short-lived, Coreopsis will self-seed to help perpetuate itself in the garden, and can also spread by rhizomes. This easy-to-grow plant attracts butterflies, makes great cut flowers, grows well in containers, and resists rabbits and deer. As with many perennials, Coreopsis benefits from being divided and replanted in the fall every few years. To encourage its best flowering, keep deadheading spent flowers. This compact, Great Plains native perennial works great in borders, containers, mass plantings, rock gardens, meadows, cottage gardens, and along paths.


Color season is reaching its peak–spend time outside enjoying it!

  • Reset irrigation schedules and increase watering time as temperatures rise
  • Work compost or soil amendments into planting beds to improve moisture retention as summer approaches