Plant Form: Tree, Shrub

Water Use: Low, Moderate

Mature Size:2-22 ft. tall and wide

Exposure: Full sun, part sun

Bloom Time: Summer (June – August), Fall (September – November)

Hardiness: Cold Hardy to -10°F

Native to: China

Crape Myrtle’s claim to fame is its incredibly showy, ruffled flowers, but it has many other admirable qualities. This ornamental shrub or tree offers year-round interest: fall foliage color, flowers from summer into fall, sculptural branching in winter after leaves drop when allowed to grow naturally, and interesting exfoliating bark, revealing a velvety trunk. Many hybrids are available to satisfy a spectrum of needs and preferences for size, height, and blossom color, from knee-high dwarfs to towering shrub-tree forms. These deciduous plants are very low maintenance if you select the correct variety to fit your space (to avoid constant pruning, which some call “crape murder”). Flower colors range from white to pink, rose, red, and purple. Crape Myrtles are resistant to both rabbits and deer, tolerate most soils, grow well in containers, make great flowers for cutting, are patio friendly, easy care, water wise and fire wise. Landscape uses include privacy screens, hedges, specimen trees, mass plantings, borders, and containers.


Good month to sit back and enjoy your garden, few choices besides watering and grooming.

  • Walk irrigation lines to check for clogs, leaks, and breaks
  • Deadhead spent flowers, trim off dead flowering stems (save any seeds for replanting)
  • Continue deep-watering trees and shrubs once a month
  • Keep adding to mulches to conserve water, keep soils and roots cool, and reduce frequency of watering