Plant Form: Perennial, groundcover

Water Use: Low

Mature Size: 1-2 ft. tall and wide

Exposure: Full sun, part sun

Bloom Time: Summer (June – August), Fall (September – November)

Hardiness: Cold Hardy to -30°F

Native to: Canada, Central U.S.

Blanket Flower is a low, mounding, perennial prized for its long bloom season, brilliant flowers, and compact form. Native across much of the United States, its daisy-like flowers vary from yellow to gold, red, orange, or bronze depending on the variety, but variations abound from single-color to multi-color petals. Songbirds feed on the flower seeds, helping spread them to new garden sites; plants can also spread by underground rhizomes. Butterflies and pollinators are attracted to its nectar. Flower production is best if plants are periodically deadheaded, but this reduces reseeding. Cut flowers are beautiful in indoor arrangements. Even after the petals drop off, the cone-like centers are nice in crafting fresh herb wreaths, and are used dried for other crafts. Recovers quickly in spring after winter frost. Besides being patio friendly, heat loving, drought tolerant, water wise, and fire wise, Blanket Flower resists browsing by rabbits and deer, and tolerates most soils. Invite this cheery plant anywhere into your yard!


Mid-September to mid-October starts the most important planting season of the year

  • Plant native and drought-tolerant plants; warm soils helps new plants develop deep roots before summer, reducing water needs during new plants’ entire two to three year establishment period
  • Fall opportunity to transplant Joshua trees and yuccas from September to October
  • Reduce water to cactus and succulents to prepare them for winter rest and protect against frost damage