San Bernardino County Public Works/Special Districts Department is happy to report that they were awarded a National Association of Counties, (NACo), 2021 Achievement Award in the Category of Arts, Culture and Historic Preservation for the completion of the Desert View Recreational Trails project in Joshua Tree.

The Abstract describing the project as submitted to NACo states, “The Desert View Recreational Trails project, (DVRT), located in the unincorporated community of Joshua Tree, California addresses critical open space management challenges. Nestled in an isolated valley amid large rock outcroppings between the Bullion and Little San Bernardino Mountains, the 605 acre project area provides nature education to visitors, as well as, habitat conservation for the various species living there and traveling through the wildlife corridor that connects to the Joshua Tree National Park, (JTNP). Additionally the area provides a variety of opportunities for individuals to recreate in the area while exploring the unique desert biome along the two designated trail loops.

The DVRT project includes site amenities that help regulate and control use of the area in an organized and respectful manner to encourage stewardship of the environment. The designation of a trail route along the periphery, as well as, the installation of several gates decommissioning roads in sensitive habitat areas, aides in the protection of habitat by minimizing disturbances to sensitive species such as the Desert Tortoise found in the restricted central portion of the Desert View Conservation Area.” This project was funded by two $200,000.00 grants that County Service Area 20 (CSA20) was awarded from the Land Water Conservation Fund and the Habitat Conservation Fund. Additional details regarding the project and the full award application can be found on the CSA20 website and Facebook pages.

More Information regarding the award.