The Park District recently completed projects at the zoo furthering its growth as a one-of-a-kind facility. Using recently donated dental equipment, major dental exams were performed on all three Grizzly bears for the first time ever! A special thank you to Dr. Peter Ferman for the donation! The exterior fence was modified at several locations on the West side of the facility. These modifications increased the fence height to meet USDA guidelines during snow conditions when we may have several feet of snow on the ground and are also required should the zoo seek AZA accreditation in the future. Asphalt work was completed in the back-of-house areas replacing the dirt walkways. This allows the area to stay mud free during the winter, providing the Animal Keepers a cleaner, safer, environment when caring for the animals. Additional shade was made available in the animal exhibits. Since June, over 20 new trees were planted with more on the way! The Friends of the Big Bear Alpine Zoo (FOBBAZ) are also conducting a donation campaign for further shade opportunities for animals and patrons.