Special Districts Road staff member, Brandon S., and Contractor, Porters Firewood, completed Block Cracking Road repairs in CSA 70 R-39 Highlands Ranch.
The work performed filled horizontal road cracks that were traversing the entire width of the roadway creating “Blocks” that allow water to get down into the substrate layers causing long term damage that severely deteriorate the life of the road. The project consisted of 325 cracks, that were filled to a depth of 6 inches and averaged 20 feet in length. A new material called Mastic Crack Filler was used which is an asphalt aggregate that is designed to better bond to the edges of the crack, sealing out moisture and stopping the crack from growing. Staff can now begin to plan a Chip and Fog seal next year and will avoid additional costs of full depth pulverization of the road surface because of the improvements this project made to the surface.