The Special Districts Department has provided snow removal services for 25 years ranging from the Wrightwood area and the Crestline to Big Bear areas.

Snow Removal Activation:  When the snow reaches a depth of 3 inches, plows are activated on all paved roads.  The standard for snow removal activation on dirt roads is at a depth of 4 inches of snow.  While it is snowing, the plow operators will make one or two passes depending on the width of the road.  The primary objective is to keep the roadways open for vehicle use.  After the snow storm is completed, the plows will return to widen the roadways, open drainages, and if necessary, provide off-road parking so that roads will not be blocked by abandoned vehicles.  Primary removal routes are considered open if 4 x 4 vehicles or regular vehicles with tire chains can negotiate them.

Snow Removal Schedule:  The snow removal plowing frequency is as follows:

            Activation:  2-3 inches

            2-8 inches every 8 hours

            8-20 inches every 12 hours

            Greater than 20 inches every 24 hours

Do not park your vehicle where it will interfere with snow removal operations.

Mountain residents need to be aware that during the snow season there is an Ordinance in effect (SD 85-14) which allows for removal of any vehicle, at the owner’s expense, that is parked or left in any manner which interferes with snow removal operations on district roads.

If your vehicle is interfering with snowplow operations, a Warning Notice will be placed on your vehicle.  If you receive such a notice, please move your vehicle immediately.  Within a reasonable time, if your vehicle is not moved, it will be towed.  If your vehicle is towed, you will be responsible for all towing and storage charges.  If a vehicle has been abandoned or parked so that it interferes with snow removal operations, it will be up to the operator to determine whether or not he can safely plow a particular road.  If the operator determines that he cannot safely access or plow the road due to an abandoned or parked vehicle the road will not be plowed until the vehicle is moved.  Please be aware that during winter storms it can take several hours before a tow truck is available.  The operator cannot wait until the vehicle is moved, so the district may not receive snow removal services for many hours or even a day.

Snow Berms:  This office receives many complaints about snow berms in front of driveways.  The County of San Bernardino Public Works and the Special Districts Department do not have a berm removal program.  Therefore, each resident will receive a snow berm in front of their driveway.  Please keep in mind that if there is 1 foot of snow and the road is 10 feet wide, you can expect to receive up to 5 feet of snow in front of your driveway.

Cinder Spreading:  Cinders will be spread only after the storms have finished, only on roads with hills and as needed basis throughout the districts; however, tire chains should be carried at all times and used when needed.

Objects/Structures Within 3 Feet of the Roadway:  Please be advised that pursuant to the County of San Bernardino Mountain Condition Guidelines for Encroachment Permits it is prohibited to build any structure including fences, retaining walls, gardens, concrete, etc. within 3 feet of the roadway.  The exception to this rule is if you have an encroachment permit from Special Districts for a driveway or parking area.  Many properties in Special Districts’ areas were built prior to the adoption of this policy or without permits which is why your structure was allowed to be constructed.  However, based on this ordinance, Special Districts and its contractors will not be responsible for any damage to property that is within 3 feet of the roadway.

In order to prevent damage to this property, we recommend you place snow poles or markers on these items over 5 feet in height so the operator is aware of the encroachment.  However, placing snow poles on this encroachment does not ensure that this property will not be damaged and does not make Special Districts or its contractors responsible for any damage to this area, particularly during a heavy snowstorm when there is limited area for snow removal.

Contact Information for Snow Removal Concerns:  During regular business hours, you may contact the Special Districts Department at (909) 386-8800.  After regular business hours and on weekends, please call the County Communications Center at (909) 356-3805 and the appropriate Special Districts’ staff member will be paged.