Your water bill provides you with information regarding your water consumption, facility fees, and other related charges.  If you have further questions, please review the How to Read Your Bill handout.  If you require additional assistance, please call customer service at 760-955-9885.

Section Description
A Ending Date: The current month and year of the billing cycle with the current usage in cubic feet or hundred cubic feet. The subsequent lines compare the usage and change in percentage from previous billing cycles.
B Bill Date: The date the billing is mailed to the customer. The bill is due upon receipt, but must be paid before the date listed on the bill to avoid penalty or disconnection of the water meter.
C Current Reading: The meter reading from the end of the service cycle.
Previous Reading: The meter reading from the beginning of the service cycle.
Consumption: The amount of water used during the billing cycle in cubic feet (cf) or hundred cubit feet (hcf).
Serial Number: The unique, identifying number on your meter.
D Service Establishment Fee: One-time fee charged when water service is established or transferred into another name.
Facilities Charge: Standard, bi-monthly charge for each water meter connected to the District’s system. This charge is based on your meter size and days in your billing period. Please note, a facility charge is billed regardless of water usage.
Water Charge: Charge for actual water consumption. This is charged on top of the facilities charge.
Tiered Water Rates: Tiers are designed to promote and encourage efficient water use.
Sewer Service Charge: Standard, bi-monthly charge assigned to each dwelling connected to the District’s sewer system.
E Check this box if you have filled out the information update on the reverse side of the slip.
F Detach the bottom portion of the bill and return with your payment. Checks are made payable to the county service area (CSA) listed on the stub.
G Be sure to read the back of the bill for information regarding billing policy and payment methods.