Ecological Footprint

Ever wondered what impact you have on the planet or maybe how much “nature” supports your lifestyle?

Try completing the ecological footprint quiz and find out how you’re doing and ways you can help!

Test Your Watersense

Think you know a thing or two about water? Try moving our water-efficiency hero, Flo, through pipes, answering water-efficiency questions while avoiding water-wasting monsters.

The Cycle of Water

The earth is composed of about 70% water, but only 1% of that water is in a form usable by humans and all other forms are stuck in places like the ocean, ice caps, deep in the ground, or even within you and me. So if we can only use a small amount of water on the Earth, then how have we not run out of water by now? The answer lies in the Water Cycle (or Hydrologic Cycle)!

The Water Cycle seen above shows the Earth’s natural movement of water through its environment by recycling and renewing water sources over billions of years. So what does this mean…? It means there is no new water created on Earth and that glass of water you had this morning was likely one that a dinosaur also drank long ago.

There are four essential stages of the Water Cycle that eveyone should know: