February 2020 Blue Chalk Sticks

Plant Form: Succulent groundcover

Water Use: Low

Mature Size: 1 – 1.5 ft. tall x 2 – 3 ft. wide

Exposure: Full sun, part sun

Bloom Time: Summer (June – August)

Hardiness: Cold Hardy to 15°F

Native to: South Africa

Blue Chalk Sticks meets two prized landscape design features: color and texture. Creating a dense, sprawling mat of bluish foliage, its four-inch-long, fleshy curved spikes that angle upward look like they could be from the ocean floor. Prized for its chalky blue color, not its insignificant flowers, this succulent is striking alongside greens and dark purples, and really pops next to orange flowers and red-tinged foliage. Thriving in well-drained soils, this groundcover looks great in gravel beds, rock gardens, and containers. Tolerant of dry soils and any amount of heat, this beauty is also easy to re-boot from stem cuttings. You can invite it indoors in a pot if you have hard frosts; all it asks for is bright sunlight, great drainage, and infrequent water to prevent root rot. Perfect in borders, containers, rock gardens, as groundcovers, and in mass plantings.


Frost is likely on dry, windless, clear nights this month.

  • Keep plants watered to help prevent frost damage
  • Wrap irrigation valves and pipes to protect from freezing