March 2020 Lady Banks Rose

Plant Form: Vine

Water Use: Low, Moderate

Mature Size: 15- 20 ft. tall x 10 – 20 ft. wide

Exposure: Full sun, part sun

Bloom Time: Spring (March – May), Early Summer (June)

Hardiness: Cold Hardy to 10°F

Native to: China

Lady Banks Rose is a fast-growing, climbing vine that can easily cover a fence, trellis, arbor, or patio. Prized as a vigorous climber, this thornless vine explodes with clusters of slightly fragrant, yellow or white miniature flowers from spring to early summer. Even when not in bloom, the deep green leaves are attractive, retained all year in mild climates, while being semi-deciduous in colder climates. This rose provides plenty of flowers for cutting, is pet-friendly, and attracts butterflies. Flowers form on old wood, so don’t over-prune older branches. Requires support to grow vertically. Frequent pruning is needed during the growing season to keep it close to a wall or fence; otherwise only occasional pruning is needed. It is drought-tolerant, disease-resistant, rabbit- and deer-resistant, and tolerant of most soils when organic matter is added to the planting hole. This old-fashioned rose makes an easy-care privacy screen, espalier, ground cover, or romantic cover for an arbor.


Warm, mild weather this month prompts rapid growth of plants, as well as insect pests.

  • Plant perennials as early as possible this month if you missed the fall planting season
  • Transplant Joshua Trees and Yuccas from March to Mid-April
  • Teach your plants to grow deeply for moisture. In spring, for average soils, water deeply only every two to three weeks
  • Check for aphids on new growth; wash off with strong jet of water
  • Get rid of weeds while they are small, especially before they reseed