April 2020 Red Tip Photinia

Plant Form: Shrub

Water Use: Moderate

Mature Size: 5- 15 ft. tall x 5 – 15 ft. wide

Exposure: Full sun, part sun

Bloom Time: Spring (April)

Hardiness: Cold Hardy to 0-5°F

Native to: Asia

Red Tip Photinia is stunning in spring when its new growth flashes red at the tip of each stem. As the red foliage matures, it turns bronze, and then settles into a deep green. Additional pruning of branch tips encourages new red leaves from spring into summer. Continual trimming will sacrifice white flowers, which nearly cover the plant at peak bloom (some people dislike their odor). Avoid pruning in fall, since freezing winter temperatures damage new growth. While this ornamental evergreen shrub can be trained into a small specimen tree, it is usually used for hedges and privacy screens. In dry climates, this shrub is hardy, carefree, drought-tolerant, and disease free, but it does appreciate afternoon shade in hot desert areas. Well-drained soil is vital to this attractive shrub. Smaller cultivars are available, growing only 2-3 feet tall and wide. Use as a hedge, background planting, espalier, or small single-stemmed tree. Cut branches are beautiful in arrangements.


Color season is reaching its peak–spend time outside enjoying it!

  • Reset irrigation schedules and increase watering time as temperatures rise
  • Work compost or soil amendments into planting beds to improve moisture retention as summer approaches