The CSA 40 TV towers on Elephant Mountain and in Newberry Springs serve approximately 35,000 households and cover over 100 square miles. The Elephant Mountain tower delivers over the air digital TV to residents as well as serves other communication functions for County Departments and the Military. In 2019, the Fleet Management department identified the existing emergency back-up generator at the Elephant Mountain site for replacement. The aging Kohler unit had surpassed its maintainable life span. Collaborating with Fleet Management, the Special Districts Project Management team conducted a bid for a new generator and companion automatic transfer switch (ATS) based upon provided specifications. The new Generac, 2.2L turbocharged diesel Generator is rated at 30kw and is capable of powering the facility for 72 hours (3 days approx.) without refueling! The ATS allows the generator to switch on to maintain power to the facility to ensure continuation of communication in the event of emergency or power outage situation. The total cost of the project was $36,901.