August saw San Bernardino County’s Big Bear Alpine Zoo welcome their newest ambassadors, Maverick and Midas. Both are male Golden Eagles. Maverick was injured, most likely a vehicle strike and the bones in his wings did not heal properly. Because of this permanent injury he is no longer able to fly or hunt and would not survive in the wild. Similarly, Midas also had a broken wing, however his injury was so severe that he had to undergo a partial amputation of the wing. He has fully recovered and is thriving. Together Maverick and Midas will serve as ambassadors to Golden Eagles. Both eagles have been introduced to Aries, a long-time resident of the zoo.

Also joining the collection this August, are two Kit Foxes, Joy and Heath. Both were rescued and rehabilitated at a partner conservation facility. The Big Bear Alpine Zoo is able to provide them a forever home. Come see them in their natural habitat for the first time here at the Big Bear Alpine Zoo.

Golden Eagles males
Kit foxes, Joy and Heath
Golden eagles, Midas and Maverick