Desert Wild Grape

Vitis girdiana

Plant Form: Deciduous vine

Water Use: Low, moderate

Mature Size: 10-30 ft. tall and wide

Exposure: Full sun, part shade

Bloom Time: Spring (March – May), Summer (June – Aug)

Native to: Southern California, California Channel Islands

Hardiness: Cold Hardy to 0°F

Desert Wild Grape is a fast-growing, deciduous vine that produces small but edible black grapes for birds and people. The silvery-green foliage turns color and drops in winter, but the persistent tendrils remain wrapped around structures it has climbed onto for support. This southern California native is very easy to grow, is heat tolerant, and is a great bird plant for all berry-eating birds of summer. After it becomes established, water deeply just once a month. Prune in winter when it is leafless to train its shape; in spring and summer you may prune any wayward stems at any time. Desert Grape is wonderful on shade structures like arbors, ramadas, or pergolas to create a cool, shady, summer retreat in western gardens. Train this wild grape to grow up a trellis, fence, arbor, or wall for summer shade, or allow it to grow as a groundcover.