Desert Broom, Broom Baccharis

Baccharis sarothroides

Plant Form: Semi-deciduous shrub

Water Use: Very low

Mature Size: 6-12 ft. tall x 6-7 ft. wide

Exposure: Full sun

Bloom Time: Summer (June-August), Fall (September – October)

Native to: Southern California, southwest US, Mexico

Hardiness: Cold Hardy to 15°F

Desert Broom has branches that are so green you will not notice that it drops its small, narrow leaves during drought, making this rounded shrub look like a giant, green broom. This fast-growing, bright green shrub provides great cover for birds and wildlife in naturalistic landscapes, and can create an extremely low-water-use privacy screen or hedge. Male and female flowers are on separate plants. Tolerant of sun, heat, cold, poor soils, and drought, this easy-to-grow California native has only one possible fault: prolific fluffy seeds from female plants. Ask for male plants to prevent unwanted seedlings. Prune in fall to shape and refresh for an improved appearance. While plants may grow 6-7 feet tall (even up to 12 feet), they can be clipped to 2-3 feet. Desert Broom is useful for bank and slope stabilization, erosion control, privacy screens, hedges, windbreaks, and barriers, as well as in habitat restoration, butterfly, bee, and bird gardens, and in cottage and Mediterranean gardens.