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Plant Form: Perennial sub-shrub Water Use: Low Mature Size: 3-5 ft. tall & wide Exposure: Full sun, reflected sun Bloom Time: Spring (April-May), Summer (June-August), Fall (September-November), Winter (December) Hardiness: Cold Hardy to 20°F Native to: California, Arizona, Nevada, Baja California, northwest Mexico Rush Milkweed is an erect, perennial herb

UPDATE: All work on the three districts has been completed and the roads are open again. Special Districts staff have been made aware of the many trees that came down in our districts. The following districts are directly affected: County Service Area 70 R-2, Strawberry LodgeCounty Service Area 70 R-9,

The Park District recently completed projects at the zoo furthering its growth as a one-of-a-kind facility. Using recently donated dental equipment, major dental exams were performed on all three Grizzly bears for the first time ever! A special thank you to Dr. Peter Ferman for the donation! The exterior fence

HO HO HO……. Most wonderful time of the year!!! Santa Clause made a trip to Kessler Park yesterday evening. Santa and his Elf were available from 5pm to 8pm taking photos with Bloomington families hearing what children wanted for Christmas. He was making a list and checking it twice. We

The Department of Public Works, Special Districts would like to notify customers of a temporary outage for several TV channels listed below. The Department is in active communication requesting the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to revisit our appeal to allow broadcasting of the channels which had been revoked in November

The Park District operates the Beyond the Bell afterschool program in partnership with the Big Bear School District. In August 2021, the school district relocated the program to Baldwin Lane elementary school leaving the 5 year old playground behind. Moving the playground to nearby Sugarloaf Park made for a perfect

San Bernardino County Code Enforcement and Solid Waste Management Divisions will be providing bulky trash collection containers for the FREE disposal of accumulated trash, e-waste, and tires. See this flyer for more information.

Plant Form: Semi-Evergreen vine, shrub Water Use: Low Mature Size: 5-6 ft. tall x 3-4 ft. wide Exposure: Full sun, part shade Bloom Time: Fall (Sept-Nov), Winter (Dec) Hardiness: Cold Hardy to 23°F Native to: South Africa Cape Honeysuckle bursts into bloom with a welcomed splash of color late in